Teacher - SPED - GHS
Grafton High School
Teacher/Administrative - Special Education - General Curriculum
Job Number 3700104862
Start Date 08/17/2017
Open Date 07/10/2017
Closing Date


Teacher - SPED - GHS
Job Location Grafton High School
# of days 200
Salary: From 42728.00
Endorsements Special Education - General Curriculum K-12
Additional Job Information
Hold a professional license with endorsement in Special Education
Demonstrate a willingness to work with all students
Ability to quickly learn procedures used to report information and maintain records.
Ability to move about in room to monitor students and check work in classrooms with varied seating and desk organization patterns.
Ability to travel to more than one work location in the course of the day if assigned to an itinerant position.
Ability to prepare required written reports.
Ability to monitor and ensure appropriate student behavior, including outdoor activity areas, gymnasiums, etc.
Possess high moral standards and integrity